Brock Lesnar Accepts Jon Jones’ Invitation to MMA Fight If Combatants Would Accept Percentage of Uncertain Gross Revenue


Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar, if they really do want their fight to happen, probably will have to take a percentage of the revenue garnered, with only minimal money guaranteed, because the audience for the fight could be record-setting or not so much, depending on the drama leading up to it of course. The fight would be compelling because Lesnar would weigh about 280 lbs. to Jones’ 230 lbs., both all muscle, same height (6′ 3″), so the question would be whether Lesnar could power through Jon Jones’ positioning to throw him off his game. Smack-talking has already begun, Jones asked Lesnar if he wants to see how it feels to get beat-down by a guys forty pounds lighter, and Lesnar replying the “young man” should her careful about what he asks for.