Japheth’s Son Gomer He’s Gomen to Miautso Tribe of China Descendants of Jahphu Migrated by Dzungarian Gate


Edgar A. Truax, a missionary in China for many years, translated the Miautso (Miao) tribe’s ancient ancestry passed down through the millennia telling of Gomen (Gomer) a son of Jahphu (Japheth) who was a son of Nuah (Noah), also that Jahphu had two brothers named Lo Shen (Shem) and Lo Han (Ham), certainly bearing out the Table of Nations (Genesis 10). The progeny of Gomen who had migrated east, probably through the Dzungarian Gate into China (named for Canaan’s son Sin), were offspring of Gomer’s sons Ashkenaz (Scythians) or Togarmah (Tocharians), or of a son of Togarmah named Khazar (Khazarians), perhaps a mixture of all three. Be certain to read the full translation of the Miatso’s ancient history, beautiful prose about the global flood and the creation preceding as well, just google search Genesis According to the Miao People by Edgar A. Truax.