Albanian Remnant Language of Semitic Pelasgians Indo Europeans Knew Them Illyrians Meaning Liber Liri Liberty People


Peleg was a son of Heber (Hebrews) and a great-great-grandson of Shem, some of Peleg’s progeny who became great seafarers known as the Pelasgians (with many of their “cyclopean” stone structures now submerged in the Mediterranean since the end of the Ice Age circa 1500 b. c.), who in the Adriatic region called themselves the Palaeste (then having come to the Promised Land when the Ice Age ended as the Philistines), and by the Indo Europeans were called the Illyrians, from the japhetic (indo european) word root liber, the people of liberty. Commonly acknowledged these days is that Albanian is the remnant of the language spoken by the ice age Pelasgians, yet it seems the Philistines by the time of their arrival in the Holy Land had adopted an indo european tongue.