Mystery Hill Megalithic Complex of New England Looks Like Work of Iron Age Celts Astronomically Aligned Plus Ogham


Have your ever heard of the thirty acre complex of megalithic structures near Salem, Massachusetts, of standing stones, megalithic walls, and stone chambers, even a stone altar for sacrifice, the place called Mystery Hill? You probably haven’t because the uniformitarians hate to consider and discuss that iron age navigators were plying the Atlantic and beyond, which obviously they were, proven too by the Irish Hinge Ogham script etched in stone on both sides of the Atlantic. Google search Mysterious Megaliths of New England by Paul Tudor Angel to read more about all this, keeping in mind that noted archaeo-astronomer Byron Dix says there are astronomically aligned megalithic chambers all over New England, 105 of them in Massachusetts, 51 in New Hampshire, 41 in Vermont, 62 in Connecticut, 12 in Rhode Island, and 4 in Maine, all built obviously after the Ice Age which ended circa 1500 b. c.