Ice Age Atlantean Kingdoms the English Legends Say They Submerged in Arthurian Days But Scientists Say Bronze Age


Historians are very confused about the legends of kingdoms lost to the sea off the shores of Britain, of Lyonesse (off Cornwall), Keris (south end of English Channel), Cantre’r Gwaelod (in Cardigan Bay), and Llys Helig (in Conwy Bay), said in some english legends to have been flooded during the time of King Arthur (5th century), but Ptolemy’s map of the area in the 3rd century shows Cardigan Bay there, not land, and uniformitarian scientists say that the forests in Cardigan Bay were flooded circa 3000 b. c., so you can see that the biblical and historically demonstrable date for the end of the Ice Age at circa 1500 b. c. matches these cases too, when the sea level rose a few hundred feet during about a century.