Notice Greek Time of the Gods Preceded Heroic Age Also Known as the Bronze Age Collapse Twas the Ice Age Ended


Very few human heroes preceded the Heroic Age (1400 b. c. to 1000 b. c.), the ancestors of those heroes in many cases said to have been gods, most of whom though were real people who lived during the Ice Age when strife was rare and histories relatively vague, when what today is called Greece was Pelasgia (named for Heber’s son Peleg) and Atlantis flourished to the west, but when the Ice Age ended (in the timeframe of greek Erichthonios, Cecrops, Eyrsichthon, Thesues, and Erectheus wrote Plato), the ships of those “Sea Peoples” from the west invaded the Levant and Egypt, during the “heroic age.”