Pastors Pack Your Sanctuaries Preaching Atlantis by the Word a Son of Canaan was Sidon the Legendary Seafaring Posidon


Atlantis and the Bible seemingly to most have nothing in common, except for the baseless hypothesis that the flooding of Atlantis was Noah’s Flood, so pastors around the world can make sense of all this for their congregations, that Ham’s son Canaan was the progenitor of the Atlanteans, because Canaan’s son Sidon was Posidon who sired the sons Plato noted in his rendition of Atlantis, among them Atlas, namesake of the Atlantic ocean and the Atlas mountains. Atlantis was a civilization of the Ice Age, in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood when the ocean was warmer to have caused the greater evaporation for the dense cloud cover of the Ice Age, now pastors refer to the Page here titled Mystery Atlantis Unmasked, to bring it into focus vis-a-vis the history and science in the Old Testament.