Egyptian Port Cities of Canopus Pelusium & Sais Emerged After Flooding of Old Kingdom Ice Age Menouthis Heraklion


Canopus, the ancient port city near the submerged channel of the now dry Canopic (the far western distributary) of the Nile (near where later would be founded Alexandria), was begun by Menelaus of Iliad fame, named for his navigator Canopus circa 1100 b. c., and the archaeology of Sais on the Nile’s Rosetta distributary indicates it was built in the same timeframe, the city Pelusium too on the now dry far eastern Pelusaic distributary, so submerged ruins such as found near Canopus in Aboukir Bay of Menouthis and Heraklion could be expected too at the ice age mouths of the Rosetta and Pelusaic distributors of the Nile Delta, all flooded when the Ice Age was ending in the timeframe of Moses.