Cretan Hieroglyphs of Misor’s Progeny the Caphtorim Followed by Syllabic Linear A of Pelasgian Relation to Mycenaens


The Linear A writing script of Crete is syllabic, symbols representing syllables not words, and before the island was called Crete it was called Kaptara for the Caphtorim in Genesis 10, so theirs perhaps is the unknown language of the Linear A script. Yet the Pelasgians (progeny of Peleg) also lived on Kaptara during the Ice Age, so they may have begun the syllabic system for their language (much like today’s Albaaian), also used probably for the extinct language of the Caphtorim, and later, the syllabic writing system brought to the Hellenes of such as Mycenae where Linear B, the characters of which look much like Linear A, was begun used to write the Greek language.