Champs Elysees Means Elysian Fields Named for Javan’s Son Elisha Same as Early Hellenes Sailed West to Hades


Heaven to the ancient Greeks, the Elysian Fields, were far to the west near Okeanos (the ocean of Atlas) where the sun sets, named for Elisha (a grandson of Japheth) the progenitor of the Hellenes who early during the Ice Age (in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood) sailed west to where the empire of Atlantis was growing, that idyllic region portrayed as heaven by returning Hellenes to begin that greek mythology. The Champs Elysees means Elysian Fields, and Champs (like campus) from Cham (as in Cambridge) or Ham, the great grandfather of Atlas and his brother Gades (Cadiz) for whom Hades was named.