During the Ice Age Shatt al Arab River Flowed to Indian Ocean Through Land of Kushites Also Perhaps Qhatani & Elamites


Kush’s descendants moved southwest or east-southeast to either side of the Indian Ocean from Kish in Mesopotamia after the Tower of Babel during the Ice Age, some of them essentially south to the Wadi Batin of northern Arabia, that ice age river which originally was named for Kush’s son Ramah, and in the Persian Gulf near Dubai is the island of Kish, offshore of which have been reported submerged ruins (as well at over sixty other submerged sites elsewhere in the Gulf), so certainly many Kushites and perhaps Joktanites (Qhatani) lived along the Shatt al Arab river before it was consumed by the sea for that lower river basin to become the Persian Gulf during about a century of time started circa 1500 b. c.