Caphtor Son of Misor Settled & Named Kaptara Island Later Known as Crete When Phoenicians Came End of Ice Age


The Caphtorim were the progeny of Caphtor, a son of Misor (Egypt today is called Misr), whose progeny are the Misraim in Genesis 10 (the Table of Nations), and Caphtor sailed to the island of the southern Aegean which he named Kaptara, during the Ice Age, when that language along with probably Pelasgian (of Heber’s son Peleg) were written in syllabic Linear A script. The Ice Age ended circa 1500 b. c. when the Phoenicians (of the canaanite navigator Phoenix) arrived to name the island Crete, for one of the kin of Phoenix (who was a son of Agenor), when the unknown language of Caphtor was surely still spoken there along with Pelasgian and several others according to Herodotus.