Grandsons of Japheth’s First Son Gomer Namesakes of Bulgars Khazars Caucasus Taurus Turks Uighers & Miautso of China


Several medieval writers such as Moses of Chorene (circa 450 a. d.) and Joseph Ben Aaron (950 a. d.) reconciled the names of a surprising number of tribes and regions to sons of biblical Togarmah (a grandson of Japheth), those sons Haik (legendary founder of Armenia though probably named for Aram), Bulgar (Bulgaria), Khazar (Khazaria), Caucus (the Caucasus mountains), Tauris (the Taurus mountains), Turqi (Turkey), Sawir (Subarians), Kartios (Kartvellians), Ujur (Uighers), and the Miautso whose ancient lineage shows Gomen in their ancestry, a son of Jah-hu (Japheth).