Let’s Call Them Earth Worms Who Burrow Into D. C. Bureaucracy for Climate Change Alarmism Ignoring Simple Hydrology


President Trump could say that Earth Worms have burrowed into the bureaucratic system in D. C., global warming alarmists trying to implement their agenda based upon biased analyses and sometimes outright scientific fraud (such as “Climategate”), on a scale to sway public opinion by the cooperation of the media establishment, those Earth Worms’ shenanigans which could prompt Trump to say “it’s time to go fishing.” They need to know (yet probably already do) that from any warming of the atmosphere (by increased solar radiation) comes more evaporation off the ocean to cause more cloud cover which of course cools the atmosphere, simple hydrology ignored by those who would know better if sincerely seeking knowledge not agenda driven by their goals for globalism (control of the means of production).