Uniformitarians Forced to Posit a Great Natural Dam the Hellespont Kept Ocean Out of Black Sea Basin for Millennia


Because the Ice Age ended supposedly circa 10000 b. c., so say the uniformitarians, and the Black Sea flooded by saltwater circa 5000 b. c. (it had been a huge inland lake), they have been forced to believe that the isthmus of the Hellespont was a great long dam which kept out the ocean from the Black Sea basin for five thousand years, yet there is no sign of erosion for the ocean to have eventually burst through, only the Bosporus/Marmaras/Dardanelles waterway, which had been a river-lake-river flow down from the ice age Black Sea lake, the Dardanelles named for Dardanus, the flood in greek history during his days called the Flood of Dardanus which was the sea level risen with the end of the Ice Age.