Hybrid Animals are Darwinism’s Achilles Heel so Emphasize That Species are Inter Fertile Sometimes to Family Level


Undoubtedly, teachers of darwinism get sweaty palms when the subject turns to hybrids of “species,” because this topic reveals the genetic meaninglessness of the darwinists’ animal classification system, considering species are usually inter fertile at the Genus level on their phylogenetic tree, and sometimes up to the Family level, such that only about 20,000 syngameons (respective groupings of inter fertile species, genera, and sometimes Family members of animals) need have been on Noah’s Ark. So now concentrate on this point if you suspect that “something-is-wrong-in- Denmark” about darwinism, but be prepared that the only rational explanation for the “evolution of species” is natural selection within each biblical kind (syngameon) in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, during the Ice Age.