Honest Appraisal of Hydrologic Cycle Relating to Meteorology Leads to Biblical Ice Age Following Noah’s Flood Model


Uniformitarian analyses of the Ice Age almost never include consideration of what caused all that moisture to enter the atmosphere for the necessarily expansive cloud cover from which fell all that snow and rain, this the hydrologic cycle not considered because of the logic apparent in it, that the evaporation off the ocean must have been greater during that time period, so some might say the sun must have heated the ocean surface from above, obviously anti-thematic though to Ice Age climatology, therefore, the ocean must have been heated from below by a geothermal phenomenon, the fountains of the deep actually which was the source of the water for Noah’s Flood circa 2350 b. c., the Ice Age following which ended when the ocean had cooled to about todays temperatures by circa 1500 b. c.