Submerged Ruins Problem Not Discussed at Universities Because Uniformitarians Say Ice Age Ended circa 10000 B. C.


Before the submerged ruins found in many parts of the world were widely known, the uniformitarians said the Ice Age ended as long ago as circa 15000 b. c., but since then, with submerged ruins widely now known (though little talked about), the uniformitarians have moved their time for the end of the Ice Age up as far as even 5000 b. c. in their attempt to rationalize what clearly are bronze age buildings, such as the ruins submerged in the Aegean sea by the Flood of Dardanus and Ogyges, also of Atlantis, Kumari Kandam, the coastal cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, and of Hiva land in the Pacific, all submerged circa 1500 b. c. when the Ice Age ended, the time of the Exodus.