Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Could Have Been so Much More But for Professional Jealousy on Cubit Length & Atlantis


Ten years ago, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter was apprised of the solution to the mystery of the derivation of the royal cubit used for the Great Pyramid, Solomon’s Temple, and the Temple of the Sun in Mexico, also undoubtedly for Noah’s Ark having preceded (see Page titled Great Pyramid for Navigation), but Ham inexplicably rejected that cubit length (20,63 modern inches), instead having chosen the Nippur cubit (20.4 inches), for no compelling reason, thus squandering his chance to demonstrate how the ancients measured and mapped the earth. Mr. Ham was apprised of the Atlantis solution (see Page titled Mystery Atlantis Unmasked) as well, yet he sees no merit in it, causing many to wonder is he just serving his own fiefdom at the expense of the spread of biblical knowledge?